Päivitetty 19.02.2020

Happy Dogs Morenin Anda Popescun terveisiä

“Dear donors and friends of Hobo Dogs Association, this past year has been a busy one for us in Moreni. There is still a lot to do around the shelter and stray dogs on the streets, but there is definitely an improvement in the number of puppies born on the street. Because of this fact, parvovirus, which is a deadly disease spread around by unvaccinated young dogs, is not so visible in the young generation of owned dogs.

Because most of the dogs on the street are spayed and neutered, the mating ritual that can usually generate violence and stress for the people going by is no longer so present, which helps improve their perception regarding the stray dog population in Moreni. Also, there are not so many mothers with young puppies that need to be guarded by strangers. By becoming less visible, stray dogs tend to be more accepted by the community, so the ongoing conflict between people who don’t like them and people who love and defend them is less present in everyday life.

These effects are gradually seen in a small community such as Moreni, but they are here to stay. More and more people call everyday asking about the “free spay and neuter program” and they are pleased with the obvious benefits of this procedure – not having to worry about their dogs going into heat and what that means for them, not having to deal with the unwanted puppies and the health improvements on their animals.

Moreni is a small town surrounded by villages and we are sworn to solve this problem on a macroscopic level, because no matter how much we spay and neuter in Moreni, the source of stray dogs is routed in these villages. Simple people who may have never took the trouble to vaccinate their dogs call now and ask for help to spay their dogs. Some even travel up to 80 kilometers to reach us and we couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for your amazing support! You may not feel that your effort makes a difference, but our experience tells us otherwise. Together we are taking small steps for a huge difference in preventing animal suffering.”

Näistä yhteistyökumppanimme Anda Popescun sanoista on hyvä jatkaa eteenpäin. Työmme tulokset näkyvät, muutos on näkyvissä. Päämäärämme ei enää ole pelkkä unelma, vaan se on toteutumassa oleva todellisuus. Auta meitä jatkamaan.

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